Athlete Registration

Athlete Registration

15th - 16th July 2023 Mombasa Edition

We will be hosting the 2023 Africa Championship in July in the historic city of Mombasa.

The two-day event will be held at Mama Ngina Amphitheatre and will comprise of both men and women athletes competing to become Africa Champions as well as secure a spot to the World championships.

Our Mission

WFFA Pulse Series

The Freestyle Football Pulse Series are a succession of five highly competitive tournaments that act as regional qualifiers and serve to identify who makes it to the Finals of the World Freestyle Football Championship.

The 2023 Freestyle Football Pulse Series takes place in Hiroshima (Japan), New York City (United States of America), Mombasa (Kenya), Riga (Latvia) and C├│rdoba (Argentina) between May and September 2023.

The World Championships will be held in Nairobi at the Bomas of Kenya in November 2023.

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